Wa3 | Education homework help

  NEED THIS BEFORE MIDNIGHT TODAY! Part 1: Phonics and Word Recognition: I Do, We Do, You Do Chart Consult with your mentor teacher to decide the direction you will take to provide small group instruction to 3-4 students on a literacy topic on phonics and/or word recognition. Choose a phonics and word recognition concept […]

Fantasy presidential campaign activity | Government homework help

 In this activity you are going to apply what you have learned this week about policy as well as apply what you have learned in this course so far to create a basic presidential campaign plan. Imagine that you have been serving the past few years as the governor of your home state or a […]

Family and gender communication – due in 12 hours | HHS 207 Communication Skills for Health & Human Service Personnel | Ashford University

   Family and Gender Communication As you will recall from Chapter 10 and the Changing Minds article on Genderlect (Links to an external site.), family and gender relationships often reflect a variety of elements that affect how communication is conducted. For this week’s assignment, you will take the opportunity to explore this by choosing from […]

Future of homeland security | Government homework help

The Department of Homeland Security and state offices of homeland security were created in large scale after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In less than a decade, homeland security and emergency response has continued to evolve. New threats from Mexican drug cartels, cyber attacks and sustained threats to aviation security have expanded the […]

Short paper | Education homework help

Project Introduction Assignment Length 100-200 words (not including citation and any quoted matter that you may choose to include) Due End of Week 1.  Submit your work through the “Project Introduction” link in Week 1. Preparation Please first review the Final Research Project assignment and any feedback you received on your project plan in the […]

Week 3 assignment | Government homework help

  Final Research Paper Detailed Outline I have also attached the Final Week 5 Final that will need to be used for this assignment.   This week’s written assignment is important preparation for the Final Paper.  You will construct an outline of your Final Paper that will ensure you have all of the required elements. […]

Wk 1 discussion and wk 1 assignment

   Week 1 Discussion     Resume Peer Review< For this discussion forum, you will create a resume and apply for a job from the Multigenerational Center’s job board in the Multigenerational Center Activity (Links to an external site.). Multigenerational Center Job Board (Links to an external site.). Look at the jobs in your program and […]

Govt 2306 discussion board | Government homework help

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board: Identify and describe four types of taxes that fund state (not local) government. Explain the relative merits of each tax in terms of generating revenue. Identify and describe the various bodies that govern the public schools in Texas. Explain some of the specific issues with […]

Personal and social development scenarios

As an educator, you will develop potential solutions to classroom scenarios that address personal and social development. Including families in problem solving extends the learning beyond the classroom walls, increases transparency, and builds a community of trust between the teacher and families. Some situations are best addressed through direct communication with the family, while other […]

Case analysis | Government homework help

Use the IRAC method (discussed below) to outline  Duncan v. Kahanamoku or Boumediene v. Bush. Produce a three- to six-page analysis utilizing the IRAC—issue, rule, analysis, conclusion—method in the module 2 commentary. IRAC is a method used to deconstruct a judicial opinion, but it can be used for anything that you read. Identifying and assessing the merits of an argument or position are […]