Estimating costs for your project assignment

Category: Applied Sciences

Topic Estimating costs for your project


No.of pages/Wordcount 2 page

Urgency 3 to 5 hours

Citation Style APA Style

Assignment Details

Assignment 5 involves updating your project plan to cover the costs associated with your identified activities.

While not an official area of the assignment, it may help to identify resources and vendors needed to ensure your cost estimates are as accurate as possible. 

By placing resource against your work packages, you can get a clear visual of what each work package may cost.

You will use the project schedule you developed to estimate costs and then translate those costs into your project budget baseline.

Project budget baselines, typically include cost estimates that cover the following:

Work package estimates

Estimates for supplies or materials

Estimates for vendors & procurement activity

Estimates for risks or unknown project activity

For this assignment, please submit your schedule along with cost estimates against each activity that measures your best appraisal for that task. Please also include a final quote for your project budget baseline

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