Grantham University Swift transportation Consultant Proposal PPT

Category: Business & Finance


This week you will submit the Final Consultant Proposal. Your completed proposal will be a minimum of 10 pages. Your work should include the following:

Introduction to the company describing the target audience, the client issue or problem, the objective and the desired outcome for consideration (from Week 1).

The company’s purpose statement and mission statement (from Week 1). 

There should be significant information pertaining to the following topics: Strategy, Marketing, Personnel, Products and Services, Demographic served Action Plan, and the Evaluation Process. 

There should be an intervention summary (from Week 6)

And there should be an executive summary 

Upon completion of your proposal, you will create a 20 slide (minimum) presentation that you would use to present to the client. The presentation should provide a solid look at the proposal and what you would offer the client. Your presentation should be professional and should include a title and reference slide along with a background theme (I do not want to see plain white slides). Be sure to go back into your course materials to determine what it takes to create a professional and effective presentation.

View your assignment rubric.

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