GSU The Process of Finding out What Customers Want Research Paper

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I had many calls from students asking for a topic for their research paper.  Please read the course syllabus (section for term project), you will find out on what subject you can do your research paper.  Your topic should be narrow about any field of mass communication that you are interested or important figures who had great contributions to the field of mass communication.

The research paper should be about 5 to six pages (double space) with 6 different resources. The simple way to put your paper together is:

first—cover page with your title, your name and department of mass communication and the instructor’s name.

second—- table of content with introduction, the body of the paper with title and sub-titles with page numbers.

third—— your paper will start with an introduction ( not less than half a page) content of paper with heading and subheading (if you have), no heading should have less than two sub-heading.

When using sources such as researcher says or statistic shows, use proper citation( reference to the source (s) used). From the beginning of introduction to the end of the body should have 4 or 5 pages.

Last page (after the body of paper) should start with conclusion ( summation of what you find in your research) and make recommendation based on what was find in your research (strength and the weakness of what you find) and express your opinion based on your findings and learning.

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