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Current State of Quality: Internal Dynamics

In not less than 250 words discuss:

What are some of the variables that can affect your hospital internally and externally? Would you hire a marketer or a website developer to improve your hospital website? Or would you recommend expanding your quality and what are some of the internal dynamics that can be used to build a successful brand or mission for the hospital? 

with not less than 100 words give your personal opinion to and Laura Potter 

 Laura Potter 

When conducting a survey of a healthcare facility, especially a hospital, there are many factors which can affect quality. Internal factors such as overworked and understaffed units, cleanliness of the facility, and patient/staff interactions are only a few. External factors which may affect quality may be related to technological issues such as internet, telephone, television and political exposure (Mosadeghrad, 2014).

For external factors, there are usually no easy remedy, so extra emphasis is needed on internal quality to lift patient satisfaction. These areas are usually easily remedied through staff education, administrative rounding to identify areas of concern related to staffing, and ensuring cleanliness of all patient areas (The National Academics of Sciences Engineering and Medicine, 1999, para. 6).

As far as thoughts concerning marketing and facility websites, I think it is a good idea to combine the two. Having a marketing team in control of the facility website, allows for a greater patient appeal and places focus on exemplary areas. It is important however to ensure the marketing team is included and working closely with the quality team to ensure the public perception is accurate and portrayed in a positive manner. This in turn will foster longer patient relationships and returning patients (Williams, 2018, p. 1).


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 Jesus Pacheco 

   Healthcare organizations are very complex, having various areas that must be monitored to ensure the success of the organization. With the constant changes in healthcare due to polices, technology, economy, and many other factors, it is important to analyze internal and external variables that affect organizations. Internal factors that can impact health organizations include organizational identity and orientation, technology, finances, and human resources. External factors include health policies, competition and demand, and environmental factors. A strong analysis of internal and external factors will allow healthcare organizations to formulate a strategic plan to improve the quality of their services. Once target goals have been achieved, marketing these goals could provide an increase in business (Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, & Shabot, 2013).

   Marketing is becoming huge for healthcare organizations, it is a great way to advertise services, provide educational information on health issues, and stay in contact with the community. With advances in technology and the rapid growth of social media, marketing has become more than just billboards and posters. Everyone practically has a cellphone glued to their hand either on social medial or just surfing the internet, this a great resource for hospitals to utilize. The healthcare industry is extremely competitive and promoting the organization’s quality services, accolades, and services to the community can drastically impact the success of the organization (Knott, 2019).

   The internal dynamics of an organization affects the whole environment of the organizations and can have a drastic impact on the mission. Keeping the mission in focus then building upon that, ensuring the organizational structure is efficient and human resources are properly allocated, to create a productive working environment. This will create a brand that is easy to market and allow for a more enhanced patient experience.


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