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I do not know where to begin on this topic. The video, that I just watched is very emotional. It is probably the most powerful three minutes and thirty-nine seconds that I have ever witnessed. My answer or opinion on this topic is simple, the individuals who committed those heinous crimes do not deserve to be released back into society. The members of the parole board who made the conscious decision or lack of a conscious decision to release the teenagers who committed the murder of Shanda, I wonder what was going through their mind when they made their decisions? Did they think of Shanda’s family? Transition to the two year old, James who was murdered by the ten year old’s , Jon Veneables and Robert Thompson. Ten years old or not, they should have not been released back into society. The frightening thing is they have new identities and are they capable of contributing to society? Is it possible they could have a relapse and commit another heinous crime as they did when they were ten years old.   

Setting emotion aside, I take the stance of no release for those who have commit cruel, terrorizing, and malicious acts of violence. If prison officials or those  who make such decisions are worried about prison overcrowding, then they should focus their attention on the sentences given to those who possess small amounts of controlled substances. 

The scales of justice are not balanced in these matters. Where is the justice for the families who have lost a family member to these acts? In my opinion they are being victimized when such decisions are made to release the killers of their family member back into society. 

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