MGT 422 SEU Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility Discussion

Category: Business & Finance


search for the Article Entitled “Pinto Fires and Personal Ethics: A Script Analysis of Missed Opportunities by Dennis A.Cioia”  published in Journal of Business Ethics. 11: 379-389, 199. 1992 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands.

Read the article and answer the questions

Case Questions 

Put yourself in the role of the recall coordinator for Ford Motor Co. It’s 1973, and ?eld reports have been coming in about rear-end collisions, ?res, and fatalities. You must decide whether to recall the automobile. What will you decide? 

1. Identify the relevant facts, pertinent ethical issues, and points of ethical con?ict.  (1.25 Marks)

2. Identify the relevant affected parties, the possible consequences of alternative courses of action.  (1.25 Marks)

3. Identify relevant obligations, the relevant community standards that should guide you as a person of integrity, and Check your gut. (2.5 Marks)


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