National American University BPMN Model Flow Chart

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Develop a BPMN Diagram.  You may use either the draw tools in MS Word or MS PowerPoint to complete this assignment. 

Consider the following narrative describing a process for getting to work:

Larry awoke to his alarm clock buzz.  He got up and dressed for the day.  Then, he ate a breakfast consisting of oatmeal, toast, orange juice and coffee.  He grabbed his laptop and prepared to leave for work.  Before he left home, he checked the weather.  If it looked like rain, he put on a jacket and took his umbrella, and he drove to work.  If it looked sunny, he left his jacket and umbrella at home and walked to work.  If he drove to work, he parked his car and walked to the office.  If he walked to work, he went straight to his office.

Use BPMN to model Larry’s process of going to work using the following independent assumptions:
a.  No additional assumptions.  Identify the start and end events and the tasks Larry performs, including any gateways whenever there is a decision to be made.

b. Larry arrives at work early.  Use an intermediate timer event to show the delay between arriving at work and going to his office.
c. Larry doesn’t own a car.  If it is raining, he texts his friend Jasmine for a ride.  She texts back whether she’s available or not, and Larry either rides with her or walks to work in the rain.

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