NCSU Market Justice and The Determinants of Health Discussion

Category: Nursing


  1. Identify and define the four main categories used to classify determinants of health. Be sure to include a few examples of each type of health determinant in your description.
  2. Tell which health determinant you feel impacts your personal current health the most. Why?

*Please watch the Text Submission How To Video located in the Summary of Assignments block above for clarity on completing these types of assignments.*

Assignment Details:

  • Use your textbook and the Chp. 2 PowerPoint presentation, and personal opinion as resources for this assignment.
  • Make sure to number your responses to coincide with the respective question being addressed.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure in your responses.
  • View Rubric to see the grading criteria for the assignment.

    2 –Discussion Board Assignment  Justice in the U.S. Health Care System

  • Briefly define and describe market justice.
  • Briefly define and describe social justice.
  • Which of these theories do you support/agree with/relate to more and why?

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