Order 2147297: do you think gmo food should be banned?

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Make sure you: – Have an introduction that grabs the reader′s attention and includes your thesis statement. – Have multiple body paragraphs that begin with a strong topic sentence that gives the main idea of the paragraph and relates to your thesis statement. You should also have enough support in each body paragraph. – Properly integrate quotes or paraphrases from at least 3 credible sources  – Have a conclusion that wraps up your essay and DOES NOT include any new information. – Address at least 1 counterargument. – Use synthesis of 2 sources in your essay.  – Be properly formatted in MLA style Make sure thesis is clear (please highlight the thesis) Check list – 1. Paper Title: (If the paper doesn’t have a title, comment on the draft suggesting one) 2. THESIS STATEMENT:  Does the paper have a strong thesis statement?  Does it catch your attention as a reader or is it overly generalized (“All people are always attracted to products…”)? Does it properly answer the prompt? Underline the thesis? Are there any words or phrases that could be made more specific?  Can it be deepened? Suggest ways to make it stronger. 3) USE OF SOURCES MATERIAL: Do they use at least 3 sources? Does the writer integrate all the quotes into the flow of the paragraph? If  not, what elements of ICE are they missing?  Do they use synthesis? Do both sources use iCE? Do they explain how the 2 quotes work together to develop the topic sentence?  Are there any places that you feel the information came from an outside source and was missing source information?  Are there any places that you feel a quote or information from outside source would strengthen their argument?   4) SUPPORT: What details are mentioned but not interpreted?   Are there remaining details that are not mentioned in the analysis that should be?  Find at least one spot where you think that the writer should supply more information, explanation, or examples. 5) INTRODUCTION/ CONCLUSION:   Introduction: Do the introduction grab your attention? What method do they use? Is there  a different method that you think might work better? Conclusion: Does it wrap up the essay clearly? Do they summarize (they shouldn’t)? What method do they use?  Is there a different method that you think might work better? 6) Counterargument: Does the paper address a counterargument? Is it embedded in a pargaraph that develops a point from their thesis statement? Is the counterargument sound, make sense? Do they bring the point back to their main idea?

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