Security Considerations: Questions & Summary

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Review Examples of Security Considerations in Ch. 1 of Workplace Security Essentials.



Checklist of security considerations for operational decisions:

1. Will the proposal change access to the facility? Will there be new hours of operation, open doors, or changes in staff hours?
2. Will the proposal move, add, or impact any critical operations? Don’t forget to include the impact of outsourcing.
3. Will the staff, visitors, vendors, or customers have the same expectation of safety, and will the organization be able to maintain that level? For example, for a new building or addition, will the same type of burglar alarm or access control system, video surveillance, etc. be in place?

4. Will there be additional risks in terms of valuables as a result of a change? Cash handling, for example, could lead to a higher risk of robbery.
5. Will critical information, such as customer lists or physical documents, be exposed?
6. Are there changes in the surrounding environment or neighborhood that could change the risk posture? Are there increased crime reports by the local police? For this information, check and see who in your business looks into matters or concerns with the local police department.

There are many, many variations of the types of questions that could be asked. However, there are two critical items to remember: (1) that security and safety could be changed or affected by operational decisions, and (2) any changes must be evaluated in order to maintain a safe workplace.”

Write three more questions that might be added to the list to be considered during operational decisions.

Summarize in 250- to 350-words why these questions are also important.

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.

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