Sub-section 4

Category: Government

Below I have provided a brief review of sub-sections 1, 2 and 3, along with an expanded description of sub-section 4.

Sub-section 1: Describing your selected CI Sector

Sub-section 2: Describing the resiliency and security planning framework. The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)

Sub-Section 3: Describing the unique attributes of your sector related to the following 3 areas; Dependency/interdependency, Public Private Partnerships, Information Sharing

Sub-section 4: This subsection will focus on Risk Assessment process, Continuity of Operations Planning (COOPs) and planning efforts related to a specific threats faced by your sector. Emergency Services Sector.

As discussed in Subsection 2,  the Risk Assessment Process is a vital part of the CI planning process. Identify a particular threat faced by your Sector, describe specific vulnerabilities to that threat and the potential consequences should the threat come to fruition.  Discuss activities to help prevent the threat from occurring (if possible), and/or measures taken to mitigate damages or consequences.  Planning activities can focus on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and/or Critical Infrastructure Assurance (CIA).  If you are not able to find adequate information related to specific threats and plans to address those threats, the following option is available. Based on your research, select a potential threat, and propose some optional plans to address that particular threat.

Also, this subsection should discuss a COOP and its key goals and objective

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