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The customer service plan as well as a review of the SWOT Analysis is the focus. These are two very important parts of customer service since knowing the plan of this department and the goals help to hone the strategy and align the customer service provided to the company’s mission, vision, and values.


Evaluate a SWOT Analysis just as you would in an actual customer service management position.


A new startup company has established the following preliminary SWOT to date. See the Strengths and Weaknesses and Threats from the company customer service SWOT and discuss what should be addressed as opportunities based on what has been completed so far.


  • Enter the missing opportunities for building their customer base based on the information you have in the Reading*, Learning Activities and CSR Tool Belt.
  • Then share the opportunities you found based on the scenario, in the Discussion area and explain why you chose them.
  • Finally create two SMART goals you might use based on the opportunities you found and explain how you addressed each of the letters in SMART for these goals.


SWOT Template:




-Ease of contact on live chat


-Customer Ability to post on Facebook® page


-100,000+ likes on Facebook®




-Website issues –unable to manipulate site


-Website issues – not able to download as an app


-Website issues-not accessible for visually impaired customers




Question: What are their opportunities here for addressing these outside threats based on their strengths and weaknesses?




The newest competitor has very active participation on all the social networks.


The volume of customers is increasing demands on the providers.


Respond per the Syllabus guidelines.


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