The Entrance of Ryanair Situation in Ukraine Discussion

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All business students learn about Porter’s Five Forces Model, SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis in their
undergraduate studies. PESTEL is an acronym that stands for the six macro-economic factors which may
impact a business: Our Ryanair case is no different. Ryanair must take these six macro-environmental factors into account when
considering their expansion into the eastern European market of the Ukraine. There are many PESTEL
summaries of Ryanair available on the internet for the company as a whole, but your focus must be based on
this case only, concerning Ryanair’s goal of entering the Ukraine marketplace at the Boryspil International
Airport. General comments about Ryanair and not specific to this case will not receive any bonus points.
To earn six bonus points:
– Educate yourself on what PESTEL means. Here is a good resource:
– Select one of the six macro-environmental factors that is the most important to Ryanair’s situation in this
case. Note: Zero credit will be given if the post is not specific to this case/situation in 2017
– Justify whey the macro-economic factor that you selected is the most important of the six that are
– Use quantitative data to support your position.
– Use a minimum of two other references besides the case study (a least three total) to support your
– The discussion post should be about 2 paragraph – long enough to justify your position.
– Also, selected a different macro-economic factor and point out
why it is not as strong.

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