UCLA Modern Day Crisis & Low Income Areas with Food Insecurities Question

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1. Think about a modern day crisis such as the separation of infants and children from their parents and guardians at the Mexican-US border. How might media/film representations and stereotyping have contributed to the acceptability of this practice?

2. Stories about immigration are popular throughout American film history. What types of issues do these stories explore?

3. Lime Kiln Field Day refers to a surviving fragment of an early film. Why is this film relic so important?

4. In Movie, 《Get Out》,In one scene, Chris is sent to this place when Missy Armitage attempts to hypnotize him. What is it called and how does Peele use this as a metaphor for a larger idea?

5. Define “race”. What is it?

6. Why do we study race and ethnicity in film? Use a film, article or discussion from class to support your position. (movies include:”Avalon-1990,Going My Way-1944,Ethnic Notion, The Birth of A Nation, Do the right thing)

7. Why is Blackface is a racist theatrical practice?

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