UIC Philosophy The Abortion Dilemma Summary

Category: Psychology


  • Instructions
    Return to the topic you chose in the week three assignment (abortion). Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic. The situation can be real or fictional.
  • Summarize the dilemma (abortion)
  • Define any needed key terms associated with the dilemma.

Analyze the conflicts or controversies involved in the dilemma.

Reference and discuss any professional code of ethics relevant to your topic such as the AMA code for doctors, the ANA code for nurses, etc.  State whether and how your chosen topic involves any conflicts between professional and familial duties or conflicts between loyalty to self and loyalty to a community or nation.

What in your view is the most moral thing for that person to do in that dilemma? Why is that the most moral thing? Use moral values and logical reasoning to justify your answer

Next, apply the following:

  • Aristotle’s Golden Mean to the dilemma
  • Utilitarianism to the dilemma
  • Natural Law ethics to the dilemma

Which of those three theories works best ethically speaking? Why that one?

Why do the other two not work or not work as well?

Is it the same as what you said is the most moral thing earlier? Why or why not?

Use the 5 articles from your annotated bibliography (below) to support your answers. (Additional academic scholarly research from the past 5 years can be included as well.) 

Fieser, J. (2017). The categorical imperative. UTM


Haddad, L. (2009). Unsafe Abortion: Unnecessary Maternal Mortality. NCBI


Holmes, M., Resnick, H., Kilpatrick, G., & Best, C. (1996). Rape-related pregnancy: estimates 

and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women. PubMed


Muscente, K. K. (2020). Categorical Imperatives and the Case for Deception: Part I. Teachers 

College – Columbia University



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