Week 7 | Psychology homework help

Category: Psychology

Each questions needs to be answered with at least a half of page or longer. Four pages in total

1. Analyze the Kitty Genovese incident in terms of the Latane and Darley model of helping. Which factors do you think were most important in preventing helping? 

2. Recount a situation in which you did or did not help, and consider how that decision might have been influenced by the variables specified in Latane and Darley’s model. 

3. Consider your own personality and compare it to that of some other people you know. Do you have an altruistic personality? Do you know people who seem to have one? 

4. Imagine that you knew someone who was ill and needed help. How would you frame your help to make him or her willing to accept it? 

5. Assume for a moment that you were in charge of creating an advertising campaign designed to increase people’s altruism. On the basis of your reading, what approaches might you take? 

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