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The IEP is a federally mandated document. Although the format or   template can vary, all IEPs must adhere to the requirements outlined   by IDEA. Every public school student who qualifies to receive   specialized instruction and related special education services will   receive an IEP. The IEP outlines a number of things, including the   student’s category of eligibility under IDEA; present levels of   performance; performance goals; accommodations and modifications;   parent’s input; assessment accommodations; least restrictive   environment; and the services to be provided. The Present Levels   section of the IEP should provide a rationale that supports the IEP   team’s choices regarding student goals.

Based on the provided PLAAFP, outline the following for Dan on the   “IEP Goals and Measuring Progress Template”:

  1. Three annual, measureable IEP goals based on an analysis of     the assessment data provided in the PLAAFP
  2. At least three     action steps for achieving each identified goal.
  3. A brief     explanation of how Dan and his family would be involved in approving     each goal, and suggestions for how they can monitor his progress at   home.

Beneath the template, in 250-500 words, write a rationale explaining   your PLAAFP choices.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning   the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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