Assignment | Engineering homework help

   Development plans: 2 pages, APA format · I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Industrial Engineering · Career Goals as a Validation Engineer · How the Internship as a Validation engineer helped as a stepping stone to my career · Strengths and weaknesses Periodic Report: 2 pages · Briefly discuss the activities and tasks that […]

Transportation system | Engineering homework help

 2 Article Discussion 1 Read the following Baltimore Brew article about the installation of a bicycle track in Baltimore. Identify and discuss the ‘Transportation System Components’ that are related to this article.  3 Article Discussion 2 Read the article and watch the included 2013 documentary about high school student commutes in Baltimore. Identify and […]

Research paper | Engineering homework help

Select your preference of the 2 topics covered thus far in the semester: RFID Security or Smart Car Security.  Research the common problems and possible solutions related to securing these wireless networks.  Write a research paper detailing your findings not to exceed 3000 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page and works cited section.  All references […]

Concepts of engineering | Engineering homework help

   Homework: (This assignment should be typed in Times New Roman, 12pt font and printed.) 1) ID a prominent engineer in your chosen discipline and type two paragraphs about them. In the first paragraph, give factual information about his/her life. In the second paragraph, discuss why you admire him or her. Use double spaced formatting […]

Analyze data for performance with graphs

Hello, this report is to analyze the performance of a gasoline engine at various loads based on data given and to determine the torque curve, power curve and performance parameters of BMEP, volumetric efficiency, and Air/fuel ratio, plotting the data vs RPM.  Making three graphs: one graphing Torque and Power.  Also address these three Questions: […]

Chapters summary | Engineering homework help

I need you to write a summary for 4 different chapters from a book (Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing)  ch1: page 1-31 ch3: 52-73 ch 5:95-96 ch6 124-142 Those are the specific pages from each chapter that you should summarize  I need it 5 pages total and put the chapter number above each summary 

Review on a book | Engineering homework help

   This assignment requires the student to read and review a book pertaining to the course; and also respond in a scholarly way to at least 2 other student’s book reviews. This book review and critique is the term paper which is worth 15% of the final grade. Following are specific criteria: •          The book […]

discussion: emergence | Engineering homework help

 Problem: there is rampant employee dissatisfaction in business organizations. Identify and briefly summarize the problem and the system involved, and then describe three clear examples of emergence. In other words, show how the behaviors of the parts of the system in isolation do not lead to the emergent behavior of the system and, thus, how […]

Unit 4 safety | Engineering homework help

  Unit IV Case Study For this assignment, you will be studying a case involving  a fire in either a hotel or high – rise office building.  Using the CSU  Online Library, locate an article from an academic journal or a trade/professional publication about such a fire, and w rite a  review of  the events […]

Assignment calculation | Engineering homework help

   Assignment 3 – Numbers Assignment due on Thursday Feb 1st. 10 hours from now For this assignment make sure you use the correct number of significant figures and the correct conversion factors. You can upload a scan of an easy to read solution. 1.  Blood plasma is prepared and the density is checked for […]

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