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Discussion 1  Calculate your personal ecological footprint using Global Footprint Network’s Footprint Calculator and briefly summarize your results. Were you surprised by any aspect of your ecological footprint? Discussion 2 Select a pressing environmental issue that has personal relevance. You may find ideas from the textbook, from mainstream media, or from the list provided. Once […]

Workers compensation | Environmental science homework help

  Please submit in separate attachments 1. You are a human resources manager, and you have been asked to make a presentation to help employees understand how workers’ compensation works and their rights under the law. Create a presentation on workers’ compensation rights for the specific state in which you live or work. Be sure to […]

Week 1 ecological footprint update and course reflections

Throughout this course you will be asked to keep a journal about your experiences in the class.  The purpose of this activity is to enable you to reflect on your learning:  what new things you have discovered, what surprises you have encountered, what topics or ideas you will have fund particularly challenging, and how the […]

Marine plastic pollution in asia

the attachments include a summary and a draft for the research.  Write 4 pages research paper with the ideas from the attachments. double spaces, and include in text citations. and add more sources. do more research and get more detailed about a very specific region of asia and it’s marine pollution. 

Individual project 11/30/20 | Environmental science homework help

For each assignment, you will use the M.U.S.E. link to complete the lab. In this lab, you will see the progression of industrialization and human growth. This will help you write a scientific paper that focuses on the sustainability of groundwater. Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater Sustainability is based on this simple principle: […]

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  Topic: “Not in My Backyard” and Environmental Justice — Your Specific Geographic Area In the last unit, you discussed natural resources and how important it is to manage them wisely and in a sustainable manner. Many countries have implemented regulations to protect these resources and the environment. This can often involve huge investments in […]

Week 1 discussion ecological footprints

The ecological footprint is a tool for helping us to visualize the impacts we make on the environment.  For a brief overview of the concept, please watch this one-minute video The Ecological Footprint Explained prior to beginning work on this discussion, You will take on the challenge of lessening your impacts on the environment, through […]

Fire and emergency services | Environmental science homework help

  Please submit each answer in a different attachment. 1. For this assignment, you are to develop a career path plan for you to follow. Develop a two-page reflection paper about where you are in your career path, and include a plan of action to prepare you to meet the requirements of a Fire Administrator or […]

Envir- review/proofread attached paper on lake chad- editnformation

Below is the rubric for this assignment- Your job is to go through the ALREADY COMPLETED ATTACHED paper and make grammer, spelling changes as needed as well as add more detail in order to fulfill the RUBRIC EXCELLENT REQUIREMENTS.  You must make all your changes in RED.    Case Study: Identification of Factors Causing Ecological […]

Plastic pollution | Environmental science homework help

   Step 1: Describe the social issue, background, purpose, and focus of your social campaign v Briefly identify the social issue, sometimes referred to as the “wicked problem,” your plan will be addressing (e.g., tobacco use, air pollution, water contamination, literacy, homelessness, etc.). v Identify any sponsoring organizations you plan to collaborate with in developing […]

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