Environmental Science

Food safety sla: food privilege photo project

Explore the different costs associated with “greenwashed” foods compared to conventional foods at your local grocery store (you may do this in-person or using a store’s website/app provided they have photos meeting the criteria below). Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides that include the following: A title slide and introduction to your photo project that […]

Essay gmo 1 1/2 pages apa formatting in-text citations

Listen to the following debate on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You will hear four experts debate the safety of GMOs. Robert Fraley and Alison Van Eenennaam argue the case for GMOs, and Charles Benbrook and Margaret Mellon argue against. Follow the link below to listen to the podcast Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food http://www.npr.org/2014/12/10/367842658/debate-should-we-genetically-modify-food […]

Climate change | Environmental science homework help

For this assignment you will select one of the topics on Climate Change from Science Friday. You may select any segment that interests you on the Science Friday Degrees of Change (a segment devoted to climate change topics). Listen to the segment and answer the following questions: Summarize the segment you listened to; include the […]

Advanced ergonomics | Environmental science homework help

This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the components of an ergonomic process. Specifically, you will be reading a case study and compiling a paper that discusses the compatibility of the components of the ergonomics process and the components of a safety management system.  Click here(SEE ATTACHED) to access […]

Emergency management powerpoint presentation | Environmental science homework help

On March 30, 2011, the White House released Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8 to further enhance national preparedness for the United States. Subsequent updates have been added to the directive to further enhance national preparedness. This policy is organized around the following six elements: 1. National Preparedness Goal 2. National Preparedness System 3. National Preparedness Report 4. […]

300 word answer | Environmental science homework help

Write a 300 word minimum answer to the questions below.  Must be plagiarism free Please use the reference below along with one other scholarly reference:  Tietenberg, Tom, and Lynne Lewis.  Environmental Economics: the Essentials, Chpt 4, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019. In Chapter 4, Tietenberg & Lewis outline various ways in which economists can put […]

Fire protection technology | Environmental science homework help

Part 6: Scenario-Based Case Study For this assignment, you will submit Part 6 of the scenario-based case study course project, which is due in Unit VIII. You should evaluate and revise the recommendations as needed during the process for each previous unit as you learn more during the progression of this course. Please continue to […]

Emergency management forum | Environmental science homework help

Discussion Instructions: Write a scholarly posting that depicts what you have learned in the class. Answer these two basic questions: What have you learned? How will you use it? Think big. The world requires big solutions, and you are now one of the world’s leading experts on emergency management theory. Post this conversation by the end […]

Worksheet | Environmental science homework help

Our planet is experiencing an increase in Desertification. This is happening because of our planet’s growing population and use of fossil fuels. In this assignment, you will learn about Desertification, and how it influences our lives and global community. For this assignment, you will be provided with two assignment choices.  You will select the one […]

Pollution prevention and fire protection and prevention

Pollution Prevention:   Hello I need help with 10 multiple choise questions and two 200 word answers keep it simple.   Also, in the PDF syllubus I need the UNIT VIII (8) Case scenario completed as stated in the syllubus. It is the last one.   PLEASE ONLY USE USA references.   Fire Prevention see […]

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